Saturday, July 9, 2011

I know you were worried. You WERE worried, right?

Hi! I'm not dead! *cheering ensues*

The reason for my long absence is twofold:

1. I'm poorer than shit and lost the internet at home. There's a reason why I'm poor, but if I start talking about that, I may have to go and murder something, set it on fire, and piss on its still smoking ashes. *ahem*

2. Life has been kicking the holy shit out of my ass. This is too depressing to talk about. Especially since this blog is all about teh funny. And stuff.


Right now, I'm staying at my parental's house. So, I plan to make a post very soon. And it shall be awesome. (duh) And you'll laugh until you pee, shit, or spontaneously give birth. :D

Until then, I have absolutely no filler. I know I suck. You better love me anyway. OkGoodbye.


  1. A sense of humor will get you through plenty of life's shit. It's worked for me so far. Sort of.

  2. We have all bloody missed you!

  3. JoD: I know. Because you're awesome. <3

    JelliDonut: For sure. I probably would've went on a bloody rampage by now without my sense of humor...I may anyway. Sounds like fun. :D

    lily: Awwww. *wipes away a tear* I missed you guys, too. But apparently SOMEONE didn't, because I lost a follower. Heartless bastard.

  4. Missed your posts, but still love you anyway. And if there is anything I completely understands, its being poorer than shit. That's when instead of going to the movies, you take yourself out to the grocery store (the more high-end, the better) to buy 99 cent bread, but get a cart anyway, fill it up with unusual stuff (like spam). The you take said unusual stuff and slip it into other shoppers carts when they aren't looking.


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