Thursday, May 26, 2011

"So, you're gonna suffer, but you'll be happy about it."

So, this August, Layla will be starting preschool through the Head Start program. I enrolled her today. Her starting school will mean that I'll have to get up EVERY DAY around 5:30am. But, of course, I am willing to do this, because Layla needs to go to school, and I can come back home and sleep my ass off.

But this also means, that this is the first phase of Letting Go. Every parent faces this dreaded time when little Jr. starts school. Part of you wants to rejoice and praise Jesus. You make ridiculous promises, and almost get high on your new-found freedom.

But the other part of you wants to break down and sob and wonder why God hates you so much as to let your child grow up.

But then you come to your senses again, and realize you'll have 5 and a half hours of completely child-free time. You could...sleep, or shave your legs, or clean the house (yeah fucking right) or run around the house naked. Or shave your legs while cleaning naked. The possibilities are endless!

I'll probably just sleep and fuck around on the intranets. Because my fat ass needs a break.

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  1. You're gonna be able to sit around and eat bon bons and do yoga all day like a trophy mom! I think you should do a post about dumb things you've said. That would be a really creative idea. =)

  2. Well, maybe not the yoga part. lol

    OMG! You're right! lol It may not be on here though. I've said more stupid non-kid related things (no really). I have a live journal I also write in, if you'd like to read that as well.

  3. It will be about 4 years before I will have the complete freedom of sending my children to preschool/school (as long as we don't have any more children) before I can enjoy the benefits of shaving my legs while cleaning the house naked! So enjoy! Haha

  4. rapunzel: That'll teach you for having more kids. lol :p As hard as it is to believe, I want another kid in the near future, so I'll enjoy the freedom while it lasts. :D

  5. hahahah I just discovered ur blog on my Share The Blog Page on facebook. You are hilarious!! Follow me at :)

  6. Eleven's: Yay! A new follower! :D Welcome to the rant-fest!


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