Sunday, September 8, 2013

Back and ready to blog like a motherfucker

I know. It's been two years since I last wrote for this blog. Well, a lot of awful shit has happened in those two years. This blog is going to be taking on a whole new purpose. See, THREE years ago, I was diagnosed with an incurable, rare autoimmune disease called Behcet's (look it up, fuckers). This disease has turned my world upside down, almost killed me, gave me a vast knowledge of my local ER, and changed me in positive ways that I never could have expected.

Well, I'm now going to share that experience with you. You're welcome.

I'm going to share hospital experiences, doctor visits, daily struggles, not only with being sick, but being a sick mother. All in a completely hilarious and sarcastic way, of course. I'll also being sharing notorious Layla incidents. She's the first kid I've ever know to get suspended in Kindergarten, but we'll get to that story later.

This is my way to see my illness in a whole new light, and to make fun of it, myself, life, and my kid as much as possible. :D

I'll be changing the subheading of the blog "Brutally honest motherhood" to possibly "Brutally honest motherhood; without a cure." If anyone has a better suggestion, please share.

Now Share the shit out of this entry, so I can get the word out that SASMA is back! (Well, I'm excited about it.)
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