Sunday, May 22, 2011

Real Mom Dress Up!

Look!  Now you can dress up the Real Mom! OMG!

Now, I want to see your creations. So get her dressed by dragging and dropping the different clothing onto the Real Mom. Once you've gotten her all dressed, hold down alt and prt scr at the same time.  Then open up a photo editing program (Paint, Photoshop, etc.), make a new file, and paste your Real Mom into that file.

THEN upload your creations to the Sugar and Spice, My Ass facebook page!


Thanks to: Stacie for hosting the file, and Jodee for all the patient assistance.


  1. Good job! By why is it posted twice?

  2. Lady you forgot your liquor! Don't worry I drew some in for you :D I dont have a facebook page, so I'll just pop it in here instead lol.

  3. JoD: No idea. It keeps doing that, and I'm not doing anything differently.

    Jonos: AWESOME. I'm going to upload it to the FB page!


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